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Release of open source web gallery phTagr 2.3

February 2nd, 2013 11 comments

phTagr 2.3

I’m happy to announce a new stable version 2.3 of the great open source web gallery phtagr to organize, browse and share your photos!

With phTagr you organize thousands of photos with embedded metadata (write support included). You can use advanced filters to enjoy a specific subset of your photo library. You control your files on your web server or install the gallery at home.

Download: (ca 5.5 MB)
Demo: Demo gallery

web gallery phTagr 2.3 phTagrs photo explorer phTagrs photo explorer

New features since 2.2.1

  • Fix support for PHP 5.4 und runs unter Windows (tested with WAMP)
  • Add drag’n’drop HTML5/Flash upload via plupload (see video)
  • Faster meta data processing via Exiftool (Damain Popescu)
  • Geo maps uses OpenLayer (Patrick Georgi)
  • Support of XMP sidecar file
  • Play icon watermark on video preview files (Jon Reynolds)
  • Add search term similar: to improve quick search
  • Search terms support are now optional, required, or excluded
  • Date search terms from: and to: support YYYY-MM and YYYY format
  • Some search terms support any or none value (See SearchParameter documentation)
  • Media selection in Explorer supports CTRL and SHIFT
  • Add different explorer views compact and mini
  • Add mobile version switch to default theme (see blog entry)


  • New Russian translation from Eugene Pazhitnov
  • New Hungarian translation from Ádám Majoros
  • Updated Polish translation by Piotr Skiba
  • Improved German translation by Patrick Georgi

Under the hood

  • Exiftool uses process pipes with -stayOpen option if available to speedup meta data read and write (Thanks to Damain Popescu)
  • Improve import speed for gps logging format GPX
  • Meta data is stored in one table fields instead of three tags, categories, and locations. This simplifies the meta data handling in query speed and complicity. Also, it allows to extent phTagr for new future field such people quick and easy.
  • Update HTTP_WebDAV_Server to 1.0.0RC7 from PEAR
  • Upgrade phpThumb library to 1.7.11 and fix phpThumb rotation parameter bug
  • Update GetID3 library to 1.9.4b1-20121005
  • Upgrade database migration plugin


  • Documentation website was polished
  • Fix image resizing for IE8
  • Fix MediaRSS to work with JustPictures! android app
  • phTagr’s slogan is now ‘Organize, Browse, and Share Your Photos’
  • Improve search term (breadcrumb) autocompletion
  • Simplify explorer’s top menu
  • Media ‘select all’ and ‘invert select’ moved to explorer top menu
  • Fix call-by-reference for php 5.4
  • Add SASS compiler workaround for PHP 5.4 (SASS compiler works only with 5.3)
  • Add rotation reset option
  • Boost query speed for exclusion by using NOT IN with subquery
  • Renamed RSS menu for groups to Links
  • Localize email views

Thanks for your support and your help!

Please consider HowToUpdate when you are upgrading. For installing please visit HowToInstall

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phTagr 2.2 released!

June 29th, 2012 2 comments

I’m thrilled to announce a new stable version of phTagr since 2.1.3 (from January 2011). A lot has changed and plenty improvements found their way on the long road towards an amazing web photo gallery phTagr version 2.2. The new slogan was changed to ‘Tag, Browse, and Share Your Photos’ to clarify the target for your own web base picture album.

The new version 2.2 has an improved tagging workflow and shows
more photos in the explorer. Due multiple access groups per media and a bulk download of files the sharing was simplified, too. 2.2 improves also the current image filter for your custom selection of media.

Visit the demo gallery at

Enjoy using your own private photo gallery phTagr!

Main features since 2.1.3

  • Improved tagging of your media in explorer
  • Bulk download of images as zip archive. Thanks to Damian Popescu
  • Multiple access groups for media for better sharing
  • Add MTS and MP4 file support. Thanks to josefwells
  • Add BMP, PSD, TIF, OGG, and GPX file support
  • Image rotation via explorer
  • Split gallery to frontend and backend
  • Changed frontend theme from greenish to dark
  • Enlarge preview size from 600 to 960 pixels
  • Upgrade CakePHP from 1.3 to 2.1
  • Usage of SASS for easy CSS updates

Other new features

  • Split location search to sublocation, city, state, country
  • Add test cases (66 tests) to avoid regression
  • Add recursive import option. Thanks to Damian Popescu
  • Add read only image filter. This file filter does not write meta data
  • Add new system function: Delete all unused meta data
  • Disable scroll wheel for google Maps
  • Add filter bread crumbs to change current media selection

and of cause endless fixes and improvements

Please read if you like to migrate your older version to 2.2.

Please do not hesitate to download and install phTagr on your LAMP, WAMP, or MAMP. If you want to stay up-to-day, it is recommend to install phTagr via git from GitHub at Fork the project and send pull requests on GitHub for contribution.

Best regards


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Release 2.1.3

January 14th, 2011 1 comment

I’m proud to announce the release of phtagr version 2.1.3

You can download the new version from sourceforge  at Sourceforge. Read How To Migrate for migration help.

Here are the improvements since 2.1.2

  • Bread Crumb Search The search term is splitted into single search bread crumbs. The search crumbs simplifies the customization of the search
  • Fast preview file responder Now the images are loaded faster and are fast as hell. It by-passes the MVC CakePHP framework stack based on the HTTP session
  • Translations Added Estonian (Craig), Polish (Bartosz Fenski aka fEnIo), Italian (Francesco Piraneo G) translation
  • Mobile Device Support If your are open the gallery with your mobile device a new customized mobile theme is loaded automatically.
  • Email Notification Add email notification for new media which could be triggered by cron job. The notification interval could be set from half an hour to once a month
  • Improved Group Handing The creation and managing of groups is simplified which makes the gallery more social. Try it!
  • SMTP Configuration You can now configure your own SMTP configuration in app/config/core.php to enable email functionality to your web gallery
  • Improved the preview manager. Now a preview might depend on the next larger preview and a preview is not always calculated by the original file which saves a lot of time for smaller previews.
  • Add interval search in the explorer. If you already set a time limit of your search you can easily add another time bound for an interval search.
  • View media based on upload path
  • Add sync shell task to sync all media at once (console based)
  • Add fallback of image size. In rare cases the image size could not extracted correcly. Now getimagesize() should fix this gap.
  • Auto completion for tag, category, and location – also in bread crumbs.
  • And lots of bug fixes…

The next release should get a face lift with a backend and easy customizable frontend – besides tagging, sharing and searching improvements 🙂

Stay tuned!

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phTagr 2.1.2 released!

July 11th, 2010 Comments off

2.1.1 phTagr is released! It has a simplified upload function which is enabled by default and replaces the advance file browser. Users have now an upload menu entry where uploaded files are stored in a daily upload directory. ZIP archives are extracted automatically. Uploaded and extracted files are imported and are shown immediately. Therefore, users can upload their media within three clicks and the upload form has now five upload field instead of one.

The next big improvement is the quick search which covers sub word. The quick search of ‘ice‘ returns also media with tags of ‘slice‘ or ‘rice‘.

phTagr is build on top of the MVC framework CakePHP and uses now CakePHP 1.3 instead of CakePHP 1.2. You have to upgrade your CakePHP if you use SVN trunk. See How To Migrate Phtagr for more details.

An admin user can now see the access level of other users and can change these. This feature was requested to handle private or malicious media.

phTagr supports now Dutch as new language – Thanks to Remy Wetzels. See also How To Translate.

Following Tickets where closed since 2.1.1

  • #14 – Automatic media import on upload
  • #63 – Multiple inputs for HTML upload
  • #90 – Wish: search on part of a tag
  • #110 – Admin rights: Change access level of others
  • #89 – Wish: change “Welcome to phTagr” via system preferences
  • #83 – Wrong import of files with UTF-8 multi-byte characters
  • #86 – PEAR path is missing in include_path variable
  • #85 – User with 0 quota, file uploaded shows up in “My Files” even it said “Could not upload”
  • #87 – User can see root of filesystem in “My Files”
  • #91 – Search on unknown string returns “Array” as search key
  • #93 – Shorten the user authentication keys
  • #112 – Broken Unzip functionality

phTagr 2.1.1 released!

May 8th, 2010 Comments off

I’m happy to announce phTagr 2.1.1 which simplifies the setup and adds multi-language support. As first language German was submitted. You can submit your language to translation [AT] See How To Translate for further information.

Further, the geo tagging was improved and some minor bugs were fixed.

You can download it from SourceForge (ca. 2.9 MB). Please do not hesitate to report any success story, bugs or feature request. See How To Help for further details.

Following Tickets where solved since 2.1

Setup and Requirements:

  • Fix #6 (Minimum setup requirements)
  • Fix #74 (Automatic setup redirection)
  • Fix #13 (Customizable gallery title)
  • Fix #64 (Add multi-language support (internationalization))
  • Fix #66 (Fallback of getId3 at ImageFilter if exiftool is not available)
  • Fix #67 (Fallback of getId3 at VideoFilter if ffmpeg is not available)
  • Fix #68 (Include required PEAR files to vendor directory)

Explorer: Geotagging

  • Fix #78 (Resizeable Google Map)
  • Fix #79 (Goto address input for geo map)
  • Fix #25 (Current media selection in map)


  • Fix #80 (Show user of random media at home)
  • Fix #81 (User information is droped on date links)
  • Fix #69 (Incorrect import of south and west geo location in ImageFilter)
  • Fix #82 (Place cakeDebug output into html layout)
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Version 2.1 Released!

December 27th, 2009 Comments off

I am proud to release version 2.1. The new version comes with lots of features, improvements and bug fixes. It looks better, is more sexy and it rocks!

Download it now!
(TAR.GZ 2.0 MB | ZIP 2.6 MB)

New since v2.0:

  • User comments with email notifications
  • Geo Tagging (via Google Maps)
  • HTML upload with extracting zip archives
  • Build in slideshow via PicLens light
  • RSS, mediaRSS, RSS for comments
  • Technical image info like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera model
  • Anonymous user registration
  • Improved Homepage with recent media and comments
  • New database schema with splitted media and files (see merged-branch-phtagr-media-schema)
  • Quick Search (thanks to martin)
  • Authenticated links for users and guests
  • Improved file browser
  • Tabbed input
  • New FilterManager to handle different media like images, videos and GPS logs
  • New Pagination component with exclusions
  • Static Logger
  • Updated Flowplayer to 3.1.4
  • Media view count
  • Much much more and of course lots of bug fixes


  • First Plugin DupFinder is available to find and merge duplicate media
  • Since version 2.0 we have also a documentation and ticket system at

It is recommended to upgrade to version 2.1 since you don’t want to miss the new features! Please upgrade your database schema with the provided shell script upgradeMediaSchema.

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phTagr 2.0 is out

May 5th, 2008 Comments off

In the last couple of months, phTagr was completely rewritten from scratch using the great framework cakePHP. The new version called phTagr 2.0 is much better and faster! phTagr 2.0 supports so far the basic functionality like image uploading via WebDAV, multiple tagging, group based access control, guest account creation.

Short (and maybe incomplete) installation procedure is (on Ubuntu 8.04):

Install required tools (apart from apache2 with rewrite module, php, and mysql):

$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg flvtool2 imagemagick exif php-pear
$ sudo pear update-channels
$ sudo pear install HTTP_WebDAV_Server-1.0.0RC4

Download the code

$ cd /var/www
$ sudo svn co cake
$ sudo chown -R `whoami` cake
$ cd cake
$ svn co phtagr
$ cd phtagr
$ sudo chown -R www-data tmp users

Now open http://localhost/cake/phtagr/setup in your browser and follow the installation procedure.

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