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August 26th, 2014

Organize, Browse and Share Your Photos

Organize thousands of photos with embedded metadata.
Use advanced filters to enjoy a specific subset of your photo library.
Control your files on your web server or install the gallery at home.



  • Free web album software
    The photo gallery is open source! Download, install and use it on your webserver. PHP >= 5.2.8 and mysql required.
  • Your web space – Your controll
    Create your own stock sharing platform, a private web album, or your own multi media cloud storage with your photos, fotos, videos – your digital memory, your digital life
  • Tag your photos
    Organize your photos, videos with keywords, categories, or geo location of your web gallery. Enrich your stock photos with meta data.
  • Browse your media gallery
    Use the flexible search in this php gallery with time range, calandar days, months, keywords, location. Exclusion filter are supported, too. Or use embedded slideshow (via piclense)
  • Share your private web album
    Share your photo album with friends with other user accounts, guest accounts or simple authenticated user link. Download multiple files as ZIP archive. Comments, RSS, and email notifications are included!
  • Import picture, video file formats, and GPS logger
    Formats like JPG, PNG, TIF, AVI, MOV, MPEG, GPX file and more
  • Automatic rotation and resizing of preview images
    Photos are rotated automatically by EXIF orientation tag. Requires GD or ImageMagik
  • Automatic flash video conversion
    Your vaction videos of your digital camera are converted automatically to flash movies and can be viewed in the build-in flash video player. Requires ffmpeg
  • Upload via HTTP, WebDAV, local storage
    Use different ways to upload and import your pics with unlimted upload size. Simple ZIP archives and large file uploads are supported due chunked upload and drag and drop support. The web gallery phtagr can be used as desktop photo organizer, too. Just use WAMP or XAMPP
  • Geo Tagging – View your favourite photos on online world map
    Requires google map key
  • Single or multiple edit of meta data like tags, keywords, categories, location or geo location
    Tagging of your photos will be done within seconds by selecting and tagging multiple images at once
  • Read and write support of EXIF, IPTC, and Geo Data
    Requires exiftool. Never loose your hard work of tagged photos and videos
  • Multiple user support
    Use phTagr as social media hub for friends, company, or organization where each user has its own upload web space
  • Flexible and simple access right management
    Group based access (similar to friends list in Facebook or circles like in Google+) with different right levels for viewing or editing meta data. You decide who can add tags or download original files

Introduction video to phTagr 2.2

The video gives an introduction to the main feature of the php gallery. It shows how to filter your media with meta data filters and how to tag multiple pictures at once (bulk tagging).

Why should I use phTagr?

With the photo sharing software phTagr you can create your own stock photos or web album. Upload your images, photos, videos, and GPS tracks from your vacation to your own cloud space and have full control about your image stock. Organize your pics with keywords, categories, city, country, or geo location information. Geo tag your photos and view fotos on a map.

Create your own social web gallery with your friends. Share your pictures privately through password protected accounts or invite others with simple authenticated link to your online photo album.  Receive email update of comments or new photography entries.

Further, since your videos movies are automatically converted to flash movies you can have your own video sharing website.

See About for more details or read latest blog entries. You can find the installation instructions in the wiki.

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