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Slideshow via PicLens

July 19th, 2008 Comments off

phTagr supports now Media RSS for the explorer. The extention of RSS is defined by Yahoo and with it, phTagr supports PicLens – a great slide show program for web image collections. PicLens has nice extensions for IE and Firefox which create cool 3D slide shows, too. Unfortunatly PicLens does not support Linux currently but it has a quite usefull PicLensLite flash component. PicLensLite supports a basic flash slide show with configurable show duration. As full backup – if no PicLens extension and no flash is installed – LyteBox is used, a famous javascript thumbnail viewer. And if you have not extension, no flash, no javascript? Well, click through the page manually!

The newest version of phTagr comes with a Media RSS support and buildin PicLensLight. If you have PicLens extension installed, you are able to watch you current image search within the explorer in fancy 3D. Otherwise you can use PicLensLite or LyteBox.

The real cool thing about this new feature in phTagr is that you can create your favourite search (e.g. images with category ‘vacation’ and location ‘italy’ and exclude images with tag ‘night’) and you can watch your selection through the nice slideshow of PicLens. Thanks to Media RSS and Test the new feature at the demo page! Now!