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Improved Groups and Email Notifications

September 4th, 2010 1 comment

Today I published two significant improvements of this great gallery which boosts the user experience and the social interaction.

Until now the powerful access control of your media was just fun for you – but now it is easier than ever to share your photos in groups with your friends. A group got a new description text and some flag for the management. Other users can now see your groups and can subscribe the them by just a single click. It depends on you if your friends are able join the group immediately or the new subscriber needs a confirmation. Further a group can be shared, too. Other group members can assign a shared group to their media as well and all group members are able to see these photos or videos.

The other great feature is a shell task which sends notification emails of new media for users. It should be uses in a cron job and will inform your uses of your gallery on new uploads. Since your shell has no clue about your gallery URL, you have to configure it in the core.php with the parameter Notification.url. To test is you can use one of the parameters verbose, dryrun, noemail, or force.

8 15 * * * /var/www/phtagr/cake/console/cake -app /var/www/phtagr/app notify run

Please run the setup to upgrade your database (and do not forget to make a backup before – just in case).

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