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GPS Logger format GPX is now supported

April 6th, 2012 Comments off

phTagr 2.2 is on the way. While fixing and testing the code phTagr added support for GPX tracks. GPX is a great GPS exchange format which is also the export format of Android App OpenGPSTracker. Just record your day trip with OpenGPSTracker and geo tag your photos using a your Android phone! That’s a great news!

There is also now an option in the backend to set the time offset for GPS tracks if your photos are not taken in UTC. This options helps you to synchronize the GPS tracks taken UTC with your local time of your camera.

Happy Easter!

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phTagr runs on free web hoster!

January 9th, 2010 Comments off

I was just curious if phtagr runs fine on a free web hoster. And yes – it does and does a great job! This entry shows how you can setup your own photo web gallery – totally for free!

I chose the free hoster which comes with

  • Spam and ads free
  • 1,6 GB free storage
  • PHP
  • MySql database

… so all I need for running the gallery.

I signup at for the free account, entered my new domain (of cause I choose the name phtagr), entered my name, email, and address. Then a captcha – success, I am human. After a few seconds I received an confirmation email with my new web space, username, password for the cPanel, and FTP.

Signup for a free web space at

So login to cPanel  for creating a mysql database – called phtagr, which becomes phtagrme_phtagr.

cPanel of

Successfull creation of a MySQL database

Successfull creation of a MySQL database

In the meanwhile I downloaded the latest phtagr source (r505) and extracted it locally. After doing that I was uploading it via FTP (FileZilla) the provided www directory of my new webspace.

Upload phtagr via FTP with FileZilla

Upload phtagr via FTP with FileZilla

Now its time to setup the new gallery! I opend the setup page of and followed the instructions. Everything worked fine. The connection to the database and the admin user creation had no problems.

Setup welcome screen

Setup welcome screen

Setup of database connection

Setup of database connection

Setup of admin account

Setup of admin account

I skipped these optional step

I skipped these optional step

As test images I used the screenshots which I did so far. I zipped them, uploaded the zip archive and imported the files after successful upload. Now it was time for some tagging.

Successful upload and extraction of the zip archive

Successful upload and extraction of the zip archive

Some tagging within the photo explorer

Some tagging within the photo explorer

The home page of phtagr

The startup page of phtagr

I wanted also to geo tag some images so I created a new google maps key (you need a google account for it) for the gallery URL The key was entered in the System -> Commands and now I was able to geo tag, too!

Entering the new key for google maps

Entering the new key for google maps

Geotagging with google maps

Geotagging with google maps

And as last test I did a WebDAV connection with cadaver to That worked, too!

WebDAV connection to gallery

WebDAV connection to my gallery files

So all in all it made lots of fun seeing this great gallery running on a free web hoster. You can upload your photos, tag them – also with geo location, see your images in the build-in slideshow, add other users with there upload quota, etc.

When do you install your own phTagr?

You can see all screenshots at the demo page or some screenhost at

PS: What does not worked well was an initial setup at where the database connection was not working for some reasons. Also the sending of email did not work out of the box at

Geo Tagging

October 21st, 2009 Comments off

phTagr supports now (simple) geo tagging of the media. Input fields where added to the meta data form and the latitude and longitude values could be entered directly. Additional, the google map shows the current location of the center which could be used through copy’n’paste for the geo input.

So select an image with geo location, open the map and center the map to the location for the new media. Copy the location below the map and insert it into the geo input form.

Happy Geo Tagging!

Update 2009-11-03: A context menu was added to help to navigate through the map, which is opened by the right mouse click. It adds following actions: Zoom in, Zoom out, Zoom in here, and Center here. Especially the last action is helpful to find the correct position!

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Multiple Map Markers

December 29th, 2008 Comments off

In revision 395 a new module was added for the google map. If you open the map of an image to see the geographic position, surrounding images are shown within map. The new module queries additional images – or markers – via Ajax in the background and add the overlays to the map. Its a pretty nice feature to see a geographic relation of your image.

A screenshot might help to describe the feature or visit the demo page for a live example.

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New GPS input filter

December 3rd, 2008 Comments off

Recently a new input filter for GPS data was added to phTagr. Now, NMEA files from GPS logger such as Sony’s GPSCS1 can be imported directly and adds the GPS coordinates of the images. Combined with Google Maps it adds a nice feature to the gallery to locate your image inside the map.

The GPS coordinates are exported to the EXIF header as GPSLatitude, GPSLatitudeRef, GPSLongitude, GPSLongitudeRef values on the next meta data sync.

While the GPS data are saved in UCT, your timezone of your image might be a different one. The current implementation has a static time offset of two hours (UCT+2), but a special option should be implemented soon. Also an import filter for KML files would be a nice option.

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