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Query support for media without tags, categories or geo tags

November 9th, 2012 Comments off

No Tags

Recently the query was improved to support media queries which have not tag, category, location or geo tag assigned. A special filter value was introduced: none. Use the query filter in the explorer and enter tag:none to query all untagged photos. The none value works with search terms tag, category, sublocation, city, state, country, location, and geo. Further you can query media with geo information via geo:any

To see the demo visit the demo photo gallery with explorer/view/tag:none.

Further examples are:

Simple Filter with any:

Explorers filter input was also improved. In the older version the user had to wait for autocompletion of search term to activate the search filter. For example, if you searched for food you had to wait until phTagr suggested the search term tag:food. Inpatient situations (or inpatient users) where just hitting enter after entering the word food. The single word was not accepted as filter term and was rejected.

Now phTagr detects such inputs and uses the filter term any: In the previous example phTagr adds the search term any:food and returns hits in tags, categories, or locations. I’m starting to love this function and quick filter interaction!

Try explorer/view/any:debug at the demo photo gallery.

Quick Search with similar:

The third change was applied to the quick search bar in the top right corner. The quick search opens the same search view as other filtered views. Further phTagr searches similar words to the given input with the new search term similar: So if you input flower, phTagr will search similar meta data by similar:flower and will also return media with power tags. Isn’t it great!?

Just play around with explorer/view/similar:leche at the demo photo gallery.

Ah. And one more thing: The rotation has now an reset action. Wrong rotated media can be easily reset to standard orientation.

Happy tagging and searching!

Merged branch phtagr-media-schema

April 25th, 2009 Comments off

The branch phtagr-media-schema was merged to the trunk successfully. The new database schema fits more the database relation between files and media and changes the model Image to the model Media.

Upgrade your phTagr instance

The database must be upgraded to the new schema. However, the new merged trunk comes with a handy shell script upgradeMediaSchema which handles the database upgrade and data migration. Update your phtagr code of trunk via svn and change to your phtagr directory and execute the shell script by ‘../cake/console/cake -app phtagr upgradeMediaSchema upgrade

phtagr$ svn up
phtagr$ ../cake/console/cake -app phtagr upgradeMediaSchema
Schema Upgrade Shell Script for Media Schema
Help screen
    Upgrade schema to media schema
phtagr$ ../cake/console/cake -app phtagr upgradeMediaSchema upgrade
Schema Upgrade Shell Script for Media Schema
Prepare upgrade...
Upgrade schema...
Migrate 132 media...
Finalizing upgrade...
All done. Enjoy!

Reasons for a new Schema

The old schema uses only one table for a image/media which includes also the file information. Since a media is not only restricted to one file, this schema does not model the reality well. E.g. a media could be a video and the video thumb file or an image with a sound memo attached to it. Since now, phTagr uses also the term media instead of image.

The new schema splits the old table images to the table media and table files while the model Media gets a HasMany relation to the model File.

Other changes

The merge comes also with an improved import functionality. phTagr has now a Filter Manger which handles the import and export of a media and/or metadata. Currently there are three different filters:

  • Image Filter (JPEG)
  • Video Filter (AVI, MOV, MPEG, THM)
  • GPS Filter (LOG)

New filters could be implemented more convenient (e.g. a Sound Filter which attaches a sound memo to a media). The Filter Manager supports a priority based import that a video thumbnail is read after the video file.