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Cadaver for Windows

April 1st, 2009 6 comments

phTagr supports the WebDAV network storage protocol to upload and manage your media files. While WebDAV is supported by all common OSs it is tricky within Windows (especially without encryption and the advanced Digest Authentication Schema). Free and simple alternatives for Windows are rare. On the other hand cadaver is a simple command line WebDAV client for Unix/Linux. There is also a cadaver package for cygwin to run it in Windows – but cygwin is bloody huge.

Therefore, I created a minimalistic version of cadaver for Windows from the cygwin packages and pack them to a useful zip archive. The minimalistic version comes with the required DLLs only. You can unzip the archive and use it (of cause the origin licenses of cadaver and its dependencies applies).


[Update] The command ‘ls.exe’ is now included to inspect the local directory. Call ‘lls’ within cadaver to see current directory content. Furthe the script ‘cadaver.bat’ sets the path of cadaver to the PATH environment variable to find ‘ls.exe’. So call ‘cadaver.bat’ instead ‘cadaver.exe’!

Download cadaver with required DLLs: cadaver-0.23.3-1 (updated version from 2011-04-29)
Download cadaver with required DLLs:
Download all cygwin packages:


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