August 26th, 2014

What Do I Need to Run phTagr?

The software requirements are quite minimal! You need Apache with PHP5, MySQL and ImageMagick or GD library. phTagr runs easily on free web hoster and you can setup one, too! For free (see this entry).

How can I install phTagr on my server?

See How To Install from the wiki.

What is phTagr?

In short phTagr is an open source social photo web gallery – some people would call it a flickr clone or another great Gallery2/Galler3. You can organise, enrich and share your photos and videos with your community and you can install it on your hardware and you have 100% control about your files. Share your photos with your friends and decide who gets which access to your photos and to your private photo memories.

Further, phTagr has the ability to embed meta data like keywords, tags, categories, location information inside the image file via standard IPTC or EXIF header. So your work to organise your photo/video collection gets never lost again while switching different photo manager. See more at About the project at the wiki.

What Means phTagr?

The name ‘phTagr‘ comes from photo tagging – also with a little allution to php and flickr.

Why Another Photo Web Gallery?

Good question! There were three features I was looking for:

Flexble organization: I want to organize in a flexible manner. The folder-style order or special filename schema was too static for me. The enrichment of standard meta data within the JPEG header keeps the order within the files itself. After tagging the photos once, the meta data is never lost again. You can copy the tagged photos to another (web) location and other programs can extract and use this meta data aswell. A database backend provides a fast search filter for all of your needs.

Flexible tagging: I want my friends to be able to tag, too! It is nice to be able to publish images and share them with friends, but not just that! I want to invite them to get the images tagged so eventually we all can find our images much faster!

Flexible access: I want to have a place to store ALL my images and at the same time being able to define whether photos are for everyone or just a group of people. For example traveling pictures are for everyone, but pictures of family parties are visible only to family members.

When I was searching for a free gallery none fulfilled my requirements and so I started phTagr… See more at AboutTheProject at the wiki.

Does phTagr Runs on Windows?

In principle yes, but when I tried xampp I had problems executing external tools like convert from ImageMagick and exiftool. Unfortunately I could not discover the root of the problem.

Is There Any Documentation?

Yes, there is. See the wiki for details.

How can I help?

See how to help at the wiki for details.

Where do I get any support?

See where to get help at the wiki for details.

And It’s Free?

Yes, it is! It’s open source. So on problems you can report your problem, create tickets or even fix it by your own!

But note: phTagr is a hobby project and is written only in my spare time – just for fun without any commercial interest. If you don’t like phTagr – that’s fine. But if you like phTagr, please tell the world about it and I do my very best to support you with any kind of problem regarding phTagr.

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