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phTagr 2.0 is out

May 5th, 2008 Comments off

In the last couple of months, phTagr was completely rewritten from scratch using the great framework cakePHP. The new version called phTagr 2.0 is much better and faster! phTagr 2.0 supports so far the basic functionality like image uploading via WebDAV, multiple tagging, group based access control, guest account creation.

Short (and maybe incomplete) installation procedure is (on Ubuntu 8.04):

Install required tools (apart from apache2 with rewrite module, php, and mysql):

$ sudo apt-get install ffmpeg flvtool2 imagemagick exif php-pear
$ sudo pear update-channels
$ sudo pear install HTTP_WebDAV_Server-1.0.0RC4

Download the code

$ cd /var/www
$ sudo svn co cake
$ sudo chown -R `whoami` cake
$ cd cake
$ svn co phtagr
$ cd phtagr
$ sudo chown -R www-data tmp users

Now open http://localhost/cake/phtagr/setup in your browser and follow the installation procedure.

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Website online

February 3rd, 2007 Comments off is online! phTagr is another PHP/MySQL based gallery for multiple users.

Similar to flickr you can add tags, sets, and locations to the images. The meta data are written as IPTC directly into the image and the MySQL database backend offers a fast access by time or other metadata.

It supports:

  • Multiple user accounts
  • Group based access rights management
  • Upload of images with quota limits
  • EXIF (read)
  • IPTC Metadata (read and write)

It requires:

  • Webserver with PHP 5
  • MySql >= 4
  • Image Magick

Feel free to test the demo phTagr site. Login with username demo and password demo08:

Sourcecode is available via Subversion at:

svn co phtagr
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