August 26th, 2014

You can easily upload, manage, and download files using phTagr. Discuss the media though comments and get updates of new media/comments via RSS or MediaRSS.

Images and videos are no more organized in folders, instead the data is accessed through their meta data e.g. view all screenshots though the category “screenshot“. phTagr reads (and writes) the meta data of EXIF and IPTC from images into a database backend to speed up the access to your images. In the same time in enables flexible filtering and searching of meta data like date, tags, categories and locations (also with exclusion of tags, categories, etc.!).

phTagr is ideal to publish and share your media in the Internet, too. Group based access control allows you to keep your personal files private and allows in the same time selected access for your friends including the original files.

To see phTagr in action visit the demo page! Fur further details read the blog or visit the wiki. Install instructions could be found here.

Core Features

  • OpenSource (GPLv2), written in MVC framework CakePHP
  • Media (images/video) web gallery for multiple users
  • Supported file formats: JPG, FLV (Flash video), AVI, MOV, MPEG, NMEA (GPS log)
  • Multiple Languages (so far: English, German, Dutch, Estonian, Polish)
  • Automatic creation of images previews and flash videos
  • Extraction of EXIF, IPTC, and geo location
  • View the geo location via Google maps
  • Easy single and multiple media editing for date, tags, categories, location and geo location or access rights
  • Search by meta data and their combination: user, group, tags, categories, locations, date (also exclusion search!)
  • File upload via browser upload or built-in WebDAV server
  • Auto rotation using the EXIF orientation
  • Synchronization of meta data between database and photos
  • RSS/MediaRSS feeds e.g via WordPress gSlideShow plugin
  • Builtin-Slide show via PicLensLite
  • User Comments
  • Upload limits per user
  • Group based access control for viewing or meta data editing


phTagr runs on Apache with PHP5, MySQL, and ImageMagick or GD. See SoftwareRequirements for further details. Go to the installation instructions.


Its free! The source code is written under GPLv2.

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