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New Features: Meta data processing and geo map

January 20th, 2013

I would like to announce some cool new features of web gallery phTagr.

First of all Damian Popescu improved the meta data processing with exiftool so that the reading and writing of meta data is faster than ever. Hi added also support of XMP sidecar files. Therefore, the meta data does not have to be written to the original files anymore and the common Adobe’s XMP meta data format can be used. I’m very excited about this great feature! It was a tricky job which he has done very well.

Further, I’m very happy to inform you, that Patrick Georgi improved the geo map for phtagr. phTagr uses now the OpenLayer.js, a javascript framework for different map providers. phTagr now uses Google Maps version 3 which does not requires an API key anymore. Other map providers might follow.

Jon Reynolds did watermarking video previews which shows a lighten play icon. Identifying videos is now more obvious than before.

Last but not least phTagr supports now the Hungarian language from Ádám Majoros and Eugene Pazhitnov contributed the Russian language.

Please update your code and drop a line if you discover some annoying behaviors. If you like to stay up to date please use git to update your phtagr code smoothly

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