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Install phTagr on Windows using WAMP

December 15th, 2012

This post describes how to install webserver Apache, database mySQL and PHP on Windows using WAMP. WAMP is a great webserver toolset to get the free multi user web gallery phTagr running under windows with an ease. See also HowToInstallWamp for updates and changes.

Download WAMP

Download WAMP from their website. In time of writing, this was version wampserver2.2e-php5.3.13-httpd2.2.22-mysql5.5.24-x64 (64 bit version)

http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/417 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/418

Install WAMP

Execute the WAMP installation file and follow the setup dialog. In the 7th step you are asked to enter your default browser. I’ve chosen Chrome.

http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/424 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/425 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/426 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/427 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/428 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/419 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/420 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/421 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/423

After successful installation you can launch WAMP and you will see a green W in your tray icon bar.


Configure WAMP

To run phTagr we need to configure Apache. To have nice URLs we need the rewrite module. To enable it, click left on the green W icon in the tray icon and select the rewrite module under Apache / Apache modules.


Further we need PHP extension php_exif and php_zip under PHP / PHP extensions.


After enabling/disabling a module/extension in WAMP, WAMP restarts. The W icon becomes orange shortly. Further, the modules/extension list requires one or two restart/reloads to show the correct module/extension list. Do don’t be bothered by WAMP if it does not show the correct list immediately.

Create Database

phTagr uses a mysql database for fast media selection queries. Therefore, we need to create a database before installing phtagr. Start phpMyAdmin via W tray icon.


Create a phtagr user with a database via menu Users / Add user. Please select Create database with same name and grant all privileges on user creation.

http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/433 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/435 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/434 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/436

Download phTagr

Please install latest version of open source gallery phtagr via website phtagr.org.


Extract the ZIP file to C:\wamp\www directory.


Now open your browser with at localhost/phtagr and follow the installation instructions.

http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/442 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/440 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/444 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/443 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/441 http://demo.phtagr.org/media/thumb/446

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