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phTagr 2.2 released!

June 29th, 2012 2 comments

I’m thrilled to announce a new stable version of phTagr since 2.1.3 (from January 2011). A lot has changed and plenty improvements found their way on the long road towards an amazing web photo gallery phTagr version 2.2. The new slogan was changed to ‘Tag, Browse, and Share Your Photos’ to clarify the target for your own web base picture album.

The new version 2.2 has an improved tagging workflow and shows
more photos in the explorer. Due multiple access groups per media and a bulk download of files the sharing was simplified, too. 2.2 improves also the current image filter for your custom selection of media.

Visit the demo gallery at

Enjoy using your own private photo gallery phTagr!

Main features since 2.1.3

  • Improved tagging of your media in explorer
  • Bulk download of images as zip archive. Thanks to Damian Popescu
  • Multiple access groups for media for better sharing
  • Add MTS and MP4 file support. Thanks to josefwells
  • Add BMP, PSD, TIF, OGG, and GPX file support
  • Image rotation via explorer
  • Split gallery to frontend and backend
  • Changed frontend theme from greenish to dark
  • Enlarge preview size from 600 to 960 pixels
  • Upgrade CakePHP from 1.3 to 2.1
  • Usage of SASS for easy CSS updates

Other new features

  • Split location search to sublocation, city, state, country
  • Add test cases (66 tests) to avoid regression
  • Add recursive import option. Thanks to Damian Popescu
  • Add read only image filter. This file filter does not write meta data
  • Add new system function: Delete all unused meta data
  • Disable scroll wheel for google Maps
  • Add filter bread crumbs to change current media selection

and of cause endless fixes and improvements

Please read if you like to migrate your older version to 2.2.

Please do not hesitate to download and install phTagr on your LAMP, WAMP, or MAMP. If you want to stay up-to-day, it is recommend to install phTagr via git from GitHub at Fork the project and send pull requests on GitHub for contribution.

Best regards


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