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Free Online HTML and PHP Editor for CakePHP

December 11th, 2010 Comments off

Baker – The Simple and Free Online Source Editor for CakePHP is published! Baker is a basic online text editor to write text, HTML, or PHP server files online. It’s a CakePHP application and you can do most basic text editor operations.

You can view syntax highlighted source files or edit them. Create, copy, rename, move and delete of files and directories are supported, too. You can upload files and extract ZIP archive. Baker has everything of your need to have a quick change of your PHP or HTML source code.

Baker’s Core Features

  • Syntax highlighting of PHP and HTML files (through Geshi, thanks to Mark for his plugin)
  • Create, Edit, Copy, Rename, Move, Delete files and directories
  • Upload files
  • Extract ZIP archive on server side
  • HTTP User Authentication
  • Filter file list
  • Different virtual directory roots

You can visit the demo page at or download the source from GitHub. Screenshots are available here. See here for installation instructions.

Feel free to use it and to modify it.

Baker was very useful when I developed on phTagr, the free social web gallery, while being in a Internet café far far away with a slow Internet connection. I would love if someone adds SkyWrite Editor (AKA Bespin) to it. For sure Code ‘n Run is more fancy, but it’s not free and coding is fun 🙂

Baker - The Simple and Free Online Source Editor for CakePHP

Directory actions with move, copy, and delete

Syntax Highlighting in the View Mode

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