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Love the phTagr gallery through Flattr

August 14th, 2010

Recently a (German) news channel reported about the social micro payment system Flattr where you can share your love to thousand articles, songs, videos, or software by a simple click while having the opportunity to receive love from others. It’s a donation without troubles.

I think this payment-love sharing is a really really great idea! You can pay back your loved content sources or loved projects easily while receiving honors of others. All you need is an account at Flattr.com and some monthly donation input to give love and to receive love. If you love 10 things your monthly donation is shared to these 10 things, if you love 100, all 100 receive a little love – but at the end all you loved things receive something!

It’s a good idea for all the content creators, all song writers, all video editors, all software hobby writers like me. Therefore, you are able to tell your love for this great hobby project now! Just Flattr phTagr…

Flattr this

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