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Version 2.1 Released!

December 27th, 2009 Comments off

I am proud to release version 2.1. The new version comes with lots of features, improvements and bug fixes. It looks better, is more sexy and it rocks!

Download it now!
(TAR.GZ 2.0 MB | ZIP 2.6 MB)

New since v2.0:

  • User comments with email notifications
  • Geo Tagging (via Google Maps)
  • HTML upload with extracting zip archives
  • Build in slideshow via PicLens light
  • RSS, mediaRSS, RSS for comments
  • Technical image info like shutter speed, aperture, ISO, camera model
  • Anonymous user registration
  • Improved Homepage with recent media and comments
  • New database schema with splitted media and files (see merged-branch-phtagr-media-schema)
  • Quick Search (thanks to martin)
  • Authenticated links for users and guests
  • Improved file browser
  • Tabbed input
  • New FilterManager to handle different media like images, videos and GPS logs
  • New Pagination component with exclusions
  • Static Logger
  • Updated Flowplayer to 3.1.4
  • Media view count
  • Much much more and of course lots of bug fixes


  • First Plugin DupFinder is available to find and merge duplicate media
  • Since version 2.0 we have also a documentation and ticket system at

It is recommended to upgrade to version 2.1 since you don’t want to miss the new features! Please upgrade your database schema with the provided shell script upgradeMediaSchema.

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