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Photo Resizer

August 21st, 2009 Comments off

Recently I looked for a nice and easy photo resize tool to downsize a heap of photos under Windows and found the coolest tool ever: Picture Resizer.

It is only 300k small and has an indirect parameterisation for the resize command. All parameters are given in the filename of the tool itself. You download the tool and rename according to the documentation.

E.g. Rename it to PhotoResize1280MSQ85O.exe and move the desired JPEGs per drag’n’drop over the exe file – done. The commands in the name say: resize the photos to maximum of 1280 pixels, copy the Meta data, with the Quality of 85% and doesn’t wait for the enter (O).

Than zip all resized pictures and upload the zip archive to the phtagr gallery. (And later I will merge the previews to the original photos with the DupFinder plugin.)


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Welcome page redesigned

August 14th, 2009 Comments off

Recently the welcome page of phtagr was redesigned and is now more responsive.

The tag and category clouds are moved down whereas a random picture and a couple new media are shown on the top.  These changes are more informative for new and old visitors who want to know whats going on.

Go have a look!

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First plugin released: DupFinder

August 11th, 2009 Comments off

As by today the first phTagr plugin is released: The DupFinder plugin finds media duplicates and merges the copies to one master media.

This plugin is very helpful if first lower quality media are uploaded to phTagr and the original data are uploaded on a later stage.

Example Scenario: Bob is traveling and want to upload his new vacation images as quick as possible. However, the Internet connection at the NetCafe is slow and upload of all original media is time consuming. Bob selects the best images and creates preview of it, which he uploads to phTagr. While Bob continue to travel his friends can tag the image and write comments.

When Bob arrives at home he uploads the original media and merges the tags and comments of the previews to the original.

See the wiki page of DupFinder for more details.

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User registration

August 4th, 2009 Comments off

A new awesome option was finally added to phTagr: the anonymous user registration. With this option enabled users can register by themselves and get a initial upload quota. The initial upload quota is set by the site admin in the registration settings.

After the user submits initial data like username, password and email the user must confirm the account creation by a key which is sent to his email address.

This new feature will now gain thousands and thousands of new user *harhar*.

See all the screenshots of the user registration.