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Authenticated RSS and Links

September 1st, 2008

phTagr supports now authenticated RSS and direct link for guest’s images through a special key parameter.

The new feature is helpful for your RSS feed reader to fetch all recent images or comments. In the past only the public images where gathered for the RSS feed. Now you can use the special authenticated RSS link from Preferences -> RSS to get all the updates for your account including non public images and comments.

Such authenticated RSS links are also available for guest accounts via Preferences -> Guest Accounts -> Guest -> Links. The media RSS could be used to embed special images of a guest account, eg. through the WordPress Plugin gSlideShow.

Further a single direct link of a Guest’s images could be sent to friends via Preferences -> Guest Accounts -> Guest -> Links. Our friends dont have to remember the login username or password anymore: The page My Images of the guest is directly shown.

The key parameter authenticates the user for the current (and temporary) session only. For permanent authentication the user has to be log in via username and password. Since the authenticated RSS or direct link should be used carefully, the key could be renewed easily in the corresponding menu.

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  1. September 1st, 2008 at 18:17 | #1

    Finally! I was waiting for that feature. Looks very nice and I was even able to create a link to a category that is usually only available with authentication.

    To do this, you have to take the link to the category (e.g. http://demo.phtagr.org/explorer/query/categories:categoryname) and add a slash and the last part of the guest link. The complete link looks similar to:


    This rocks!

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