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Support of Comments

August 12th, 2008

phTagr supports now user comments and visitors and users could comment on images or videos. The home side shows the recent comments and a comment RSS is also availiable via URL comments/rss, e.g. from the demo page: http://demo.phtagr.org/comments/rss. See the screenshots or try it out.

Recent Comment

Recent comments on home side

New Comment

Add a new comment (for visitors with captcha)

New Comment (for users)

Add a new comment (for users)

Visitors (anonymous users) have to enter a captcha which should prevent spam entries. The captcha is realized due the great Kcaptcha project.
The image owner will receive a notification email on new comments:
Dear admin

A new comment of image PICT7375.JPG was submitted.

View image: http://demo.phtagr.org/images/view/113
Delete comment: http://demo.phtagr.org/comments/delete/3

From: Jon Doe
Date: 2008-08-10 12:46:09

If you are anonymous you have to enter your name, email and a captcha to your comment.

You are notified about new comments via email if you select "Notify me on new comments".


Your phTagr Agent

Also other comment writers are able to receive new comment notification mails on their commented images, if they select the notification options.

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