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How to tag images

May 24th, 2008

phTagr works great to organize your local image collection. You can add a local system directory in the ‘Users‘ section to import files directly from your system (alternatively you can upload files using webdav, however WebDAV is not working with the suPHP module). To import files, simply go to ‘My Files‘ and import the files from your directories. Currently only JPEG and video files are supported. exiftool is used to read (and write) the meta data. A call requires lots of time and I recommend not to import more than 120 images at once.

In the ‘Explorer‘ you can tag your images by tag, category, or location. To write the tagged information to the images (using IPTC via the exiftool) you need to click on ‘Synchronize‘ in the ‘My Files‘ section. Within this process the imported files from your system will be modified. As far as I know, exiftool is very save and wont corrupt our images. But you never know – and so it is better to make some backups before!

Should anything go wrong or if you want to know what phTagr is currently doing, just have a look on ./tmp/logs/logger.log in the phtagr directory.

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